Sega Utilities

Sega Utilities is proud to provide our clients with the underground electrical infrastructure required for their projects. Our professional and dedicated team members will plan and execute the project to the highest safety and quality standards. We set the safety of all workers first while maintaining schedule, budget, and quality of work.

Serving Ottawa and the surrounding areas, we have completed multiple small and large complex projects while exceeding our client’s expectations.

Sega Utilities

Some of our industry partners and valued clients are:

  • Hydro Ottawa Limited
  • City of Ottawa
  • Hydro One Networks Inc
  • Telus Mobility
  • Bell Mobility
  • Rogers Communications
  • Xplore Inc
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Our Services

Sega Utilities offers many services to our clients; including but not limited to:

  • Trenching, backfilling, and excavation services
  • Installation of concrete-encased and direct buried duct banks
  • Electrical and communication manhole installation
  • Transformer base and pad installation
  • Grounding
  • Underground primary and secondary service
  • Electrical infrastructure for telecommunication sites
  • Reinforced concrete structures for electrical equipment
  • Protection and security bollard Installation
  • Subdivision distribution and infrastructure
  • Streetlighting maintenance
  • Streetlighting installation
  • Pathway lighting maintenance
  • Pathway lighting installation
  • Pre-cast or cast-in-place concrete pole bases
  • Fiber optic Installation